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December 9, 2014

Such a darling, sweet little girl. What a little love.
It is in moments like this when I realize just how lucky I am – when I see the darling, sleeping babies whose parents have entrusted me to capture these moments, in this first photo shoot. Because if you have had a baby, then you know all too well, but these first moments are a blur. Whether your baby is ten or two, if you try to look back and remember the first three months, to remember what you did, to remember how your baby looked in the moments of precious repose, to remember how you survived and figured everything out, the fact is, you can’t. It’s crazy. Especially if it’s your first baby and you and your spouse have just left the hospital, or looked at each other at home, or watched the social workers walk out the door, and said to each other, “Who said we could have this baby? Who said we were the right people to trust with a baby? How can we do this?” But then you do. You figure it out. You ask your mom, your friends, the Googler. And then a few days turn into a week and a month and three months and you are doing it and you’re an old pro and you know what your baby crying means, sometimes.

And you get a shower, or some sleep, and then you have a cooing, giggling six month old. And it’s hard to remember what you did that first week.

But. You let me photograph your baby. And, while you might not be able to remember her smell, you’ve got photographic proof that she was tiny. You’ve got something to jog your memory about how she cried but it sounded like a mewing kitten. You’ve got the photos of how big his cheeks were and you know that you spent at least three months kissing them.

And you remember that there was magic.

You are the closest I will ever come to magic. ― Suzanne Finnamore


Main Line Newborn Photographer Main Line Newborn Photographer Main Line Newborn Photographer Main Line Newborn Photographer

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November 12, 2014

The beautiful thing about photography is the ability to tell a story with pictures. Well, that and the ability to freeze time. When you can go back and look at your younger self, your big boy as a toddler, your dog as a puppy – the visual representation can really stop you in your tracks. It’s hard to remember that person, without being shown the proof. I love being hired to get the proof. :)

So it was with this session. Such a lovely, simple thing: a mom, a dad, two little girls, a house, a Sunday afternoon. A beautiful family life being lived. I love capturing this for people: the now, the them as they are on any given day, the interactions that are one’s normal routine: peeling and cutting up fruit for a child’s snack, tying a shoe, sitting on the landing and reading a book. These things will change over time, and the bittersweet heartbreak of life is that children grow up. The saying “Slow go the days but fast go the years” is one that makes my eyes water every time I even think it (like now, as I’m typing it out). So, we photographers call this a lifestyle session, but it’s really more than that. It’s a “remember how his pudgy little feet looked” session or “remember how her curls were” session, to show us where we’ve been and help us mark time.

family photographer philadelphia


lifestyle family photographylifestyle family photographyphiladelphia lifestyle photographer

philadelphia family photographer lifestyle

Also, there’s this little video of a bunch of my favorite photos from this session. Enjoy!

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September 16, 2014

When Velvet initially contacted me to schedule a maternity session, we discussed doing an edgy, urban maternity session. I had grand ideas for shots in front of a graffiti wall in Philadelphia. (Anyone want to do this? I’m full of ideas!) A few weeks later, she wrote me back with a new idea – a horse farm. Initially, I worried that I might not be able to produce a horse farm for us to use. Then I got resourceful, when I remembered that the greatest little horse lady in Pennsylvania has been a friend of mine since I was babysitting her oldest child when I was eleven years old. She had an orange Camaro, let me listen to Michael Jackson’s brand new album, Thriller, and I watched little baby Shash while she rode horses. When I contacted her, she was a GO! So, we headed up to Chunk O’ Heaven Horse Farm in Newtown Square, where Mindy Chernoff is not only a skilled horseman but a spiritual advisor as well.


tattooed maternity photographer


We looked over all of the horses, and selected one to use for the shoot. Only problem was, this one chose my client. The horse seriously came out to her after we’d chosen another horse that we were going to use. The other horse really didn’t even look over at us, but Vitonne was smitten.


maternity photos


tattooed parents pregnant


couple maternity pictures



I have to stop this little love fest to mention one thing: I’m scared of horses. Like, terrified. I don’t want to get stepped on, bitten, or, well, breathed near. These things are DANG BIG and could put a hurtin’ on little old me with a quickness. That created quite a few laughs when I was trying to back away from the horses (uh, note to self: electrified fence). Mindy tried to tell me to be calm and breathe. Not really my thing. But, man. Velvet sure does know how to be around a horse. She was so gentle and still, and the horse was looking at her with love in his eyes. So was her husband, actually. She’s pretty engaging – beautiful, quiet, sweet, quick with a laugh. Watching how enamored of her the horse was was a pretty incredible thing to do. He kept pointing his head toward her belly with such tenderness.


modern maternity photos


tattoo maternity pictures


outdoor maternity pictures


I feel really honored that I got to help create these photos – it truly was a group effort with Mindy’s amazing coaching, Velvet and Page’s incredible calm, and me documenting it all. These are some of my favorite maternity photos to date – these clients were the best! I have to say, even the horse part was kinda fun. To schedule your own maternity session, even with horses, click here.


modern pregnancy photos


There’s also a lovely little video you can watch here.

July 20, 2014

I was watching The Lion King this morning, and this scene, when Rafiki takes the baby and the beams of light are shining down on him, I was like, “OMG! I know that feeling! It’s totally how I feel when the parents hand their baby over to me.”

Then I went and made this. :)


Newborn photographer


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July 14, 2014

I’ve known this sweet baby’s family forever. His family are the closest friends of my dear aunt and uncle. I’ve known his dad since he was a silly kid, playing with my cousins.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to know this family better. I can say without a doubt that they are some of the kindest, most selfless and thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure to know. One thing that sticks out in my mind as I think about this baby’s grandparents and young uncle is when my grandmother died. They were at my aunt’s house with food for all of our guests, heating and serving and keeping trays full. They didn’t leave until every dish was cleaned and every scrap of food given away or wrapped up. His uncle may have been 20 at the time. AND. This boy’s mama was watching my son so that I could attend the funeral. Selfless, happy to do it for me. The love with which they cared for us, our family, and our guests was palpable and genuine. I’ve never forgotten that moment and I don’t think I ever will.

Also, this baby’s grandparents have been so thoughtful and kind and supportive of me and my business since the minute I opened up shop. Nice notes on photos, messages of support, just little things that mean so much to someone yet not many people take the time to do.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard that his parents were expecting! And even more thrilled when I found out that they wanted me to do the photos! This sweet darling boy was a little smuggler. And I loved it! :)

Don’t you love his little foot peeking out?! I sure do!

main line newborn photography

I like this one because he looks like his grandfather to me here.newborn photos main line


Thanks, fabulous S Family. <3 So wonderful to get to snuggle this guy! To book your own session with Jamie Siever Photography, click here.