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March 20, 2014

I was thrilled to get the email from Baby G’s dad saying that they were about to have a new baby! I had photographed this dude’s big brother when he was born – I can’t believe it was four years ago, but it was!
And, Baby G was just as sweet as I remember his big brother E being. It was a treat to get to photograph Big Brother E with his new brother. Seeing how proud and sweet he was with his brother was awesome.Baby Photographer Philadelphia

Dad was such a great assistant, too! He even came up with this pose all on his own while I was busy changing sets. I love how Baby G’s toes wrap around his teeny little elbow.

Baby Photographer Philadelphia

Love how sweet and peaceful he looks in all of these images. He was so easygoing and relaxed. I guess it is easy to be so secure and free when you know how much you are loved.untitled shoot-258 web

Brotherly love!

untitled shoot-317 bw web

Thanks, S Family! You’re the best!

February 19, 2014

The first time I met this family, they had just added baby K to their family, were figuring things out and living in a home that Dad had renovated in the city. They were my first clients of 2012, I may have even shot them on New Years’ Day 2012. Fast forward, they were my very last clients of 2013 – I met up with them the day after Christmas this year, after adding a new baby on the same exact day, two years later. They’ve got this parenting thing down, now. New house, same pup, same awesome parents. I loved them the minute I met them and was happy to get to catch up with them again.

The Spark Notes version is here: they’re gorgeous, they make gorgeous babies, and their house is amazingly cool. But don’t hate them, cause they’re super real and fantastic.

Exhibit A: New Baby’s Nursery
Mama says she’s been a Star Wars girl since she was a kid. I loved Darth Vader and Sons! How cute is that?!

Awesome newborn photographer


Sweetest Girl Ever
Philadelphia Family Photographer

It’s hard to choose, but this is definitely one of my top favorites from the session!

best of philly newborn photographer


And, a slightly different perspective. I love those little toes!
newborn photos

baby photos

Love all the sweet tones in this one.
west chester newborn photographer


Oh, gosh. I just realized this is going to be a very long blog post. Because I haven’t even gotten to any of the images of the brothers. Or the family photos. Or the parent and baby shots. Okay, I’ll pick this up. I feel like this is a great time to pull out my favorite Annie Leibovitz quote: “A thing that you see in my work is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” I mean, not in a creepy stalker way, but like, you know what I mean, right? I can’t help it. It happens a lot. When people show you themselves in a photo, that thing that makes them THEM makes you fall in love. I feel like Rust Cohle in True Detective, but it’s true.

family photographer Philadelphia


best of Philly newborn photographer


Proud big brother. Last one, I promise.
cool family photographer

And, I would be remiss if I signed this off without saying thank you to this fantastic family for trusting me to capture this amazing slice of your life again. I feel so honored to get the nod for the second time. I feel like Sally Field – “You like me, you really like me!” (If you follow all of my non-sequitors and weird references, well, good on you!) Seriously, though, you guys are awesome and I so enjoy working with and for you. I hope you will enjoy and will visit me again when these two are big. <3


PS – I realized that I wrote this whole blog post without explaining why I called this carbon copies. I mean – obvious, right? Two brothers, look alike? You honestly can’t tell these dudes apart in some of the photos, though. DNA wizardry.

February 5, 2014

For most of the Philadelphia area right now, it’s pretty much a non-stop pounding of snow and cancelled school. It’s bitterly cold and windy, with both sunny spring days and crisp fall ones being but a distant memory. For us photographers, too, our busy season has ended, and we’re playing a massive game of catch-up: blogging, posting photos, updating our websites and taking on personal projects. (Although for us newborn photographers, there really is no slow season!) So, I went to blog some of my fall sessions. In the fall, in my opinion, there is no greater combination than the sun’s rays, the color of the leaves, and my rockin’ red couch. I love this couch more than a person should love a piece of furniture, but really. How can you NOT? Look at it!

When I started to blog my red couch sessions, I knew this was going to be the first one. It was my favorite from the fall, and possibly from the whole year. I love the way that sweet boy’s amazing purple pants contrast with the colors of the fall, the couch, his parents’ clothing. Uh, and there’s a BULLDOG. Not to mention that this family looks like models. I even made them meet me at an ungodly hour, but they were gorgeous and smiley and I swear, this boy is the most well-behaved toddler I’ve ever met! (And, I had a toddler not that long ago…) From the minute they got out of the car, I was so excited to shoot this fabulous family – and I am so pleased with the result! (So much so, that I can’t exactly narrow it down to the five I normally post from a session. I don’t think it’s possible.)

Family Photographer Main Line Family Photos Main Line Family Photographer Main Line

Portraits Main Line

Philadelphia Family Portraits Family Portraits

Photographer Main Line

Family Portraits Main Line

January 30, 2014

So, I was just going through my blog with a prospective client. We were chatting about some of my best and favorite family photography, and I headed over to direct him to check out this family photography session in a field in summertime. Uh. Imagine my surprise when I realized that one of my favorite sessions of the summer hadn’t been blogged. Or the other four family photo sessions I shot this summer/fall and loved. I decided not to do the dishes (not a huge amount of time spent pondering that decision, honestly…) and hurried to remedy this situation post haste.

I got a call from this mama, who’d seen my photos on Facebook, looking for a session to yield photos of her sons for her husband’s Big Birthday. We worked out a date and time as usual – but you know how sometimes, you just know you’re going to like someone when you talk to them on the phone? Such was the case with this mama and her three amazing boys. We met at the gorgeous location, and out of the car came three of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen.

Now, mom had told me that she wanted photos of them just kind of being themselves. But, they didn’t know me – and so it’s hard to sort of be “on” and be yourself in front of a complete stranger who you know is recording your every move. Nonetheless, we did a bunch of photos of the three of them, and they were adorable. But, were sort of “nice photographer faces” and I could tell not really who these boys are.

I pulled mom aside and said, “Okay. I’ve got a trick that’ll get the photos you want”, and then I whispered my plan into her ear.  She was like, “Sure, do what you’ve gotta do”, and so I did. This is the result. I’m sorry I’ve held back on you guys this long!

philadelphia family photographer



January 28, 2014

I love it when I finally get to meet you! I mean, we’ve chatted, we’ve clicked, we’ve set a date. I get excited when I see your email in my inbox, I make sure my response is well thought out and doesn’t leave any room for reading into the tone – and then before I know it, the big day is here. I get a little nervous – mostly because I want to rock it for you and exceed your expectations. It’s sort of like a blind date!

But, once we meet, it’s like we’ve been friends forever and then I get to carry out your vision of how you wanted to capture this magical time. I’ll scope out the spots we’ll use and take inspiration from you and your space, but really – the pregnant form is so beautiful, and the light reflecting off of the snow and in through the windows from this crazy winter we’re currently having in Philadelphia makes everything magical and dreamy.

I enjoyed doing this lifestyle maternity session for this beautiful couple expecting their first child. It is an honor to capture the moments before the noise; the quiet moments of contemplation and excitement and wonder and joy before the baby arrives.

S Family, it was my pleasure to make these photos for you. I look forward to meeting your little one and for the opportunity to photograph you again!

maternity photographs philadelphia

maternity photos Philadelphia

Philadelphia maternity pictures