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July 8, 2012

So, I have to be honest: I fell in love with this couple when I did their maternity session, visible here. Actually, I don’t know if you read her inquiry letter on Facebook, but it goes down in history as the best one ever. They’re just awesome. I mean, when you want to name your baby Eglantine, how can you not be?  They didn’t. But they still refer to her as Egg. May I take the time to mention now that they made a papier mache egg to use in her session?! I will post it below, but, yes. In some pretty serious heat, after giving birth a few days before, Jessica and Andrew and I believe Andy’s mom made an egg. Be honest, you kind of love them too.

The addition of Baby A, also known as Egg, just made them a perfect, perfect family. Knowing what a loon I was after giving birth, I am always so happy for couples who are just able to be zen about their new roles as parents. You would think these two have been at this parenting gig their whole lives. (I really was crazy. There was a story that involved crying hysterically while licking my baby. Truth. I even told that story to them. They cracked up about my lunacy.)

Below are some of my favorite shots from their session.

I am pretty sure that this mama and baby shot is my favorite ever, from any session. Love, excitement, just pure joy radiates off my screen when I look at this one. I hope Jess and Andy wallpaper a small room with this one.

Love how sweet and serene she is here.

In her egg

I love a daddy and baby image so much! Love the expression on his face here.

Thank you both so much for letting me capture this amazing time in your lives. Ma-o.

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