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February 5, 2014

For most of the Philadelphia area right now, it’s pretty much a non-stop pounding of snow and cancelled school. It’s bitterly cold and windy, with both sunny spring days and crisp fall ones being but a distant memory. For us photographers, too, our busy season has ended, and we’re playing a massive game of catch-up: blogging, posting photos, updating our websites and taking on personal projects. (Although for us newborn photographers, there really is no slow season!) So, I went to blog some of my fall sessions. In the fall, in my opinion, there is no greater combination than the sun’s rays, the color of the leaves, and my rockin’ red couch. I love this couch more than a person should love a piece of furniture, but really. How can you NOT? Look at it!

When I started to blog my red couch sessions, I knew this was going to be the first one. It was my favorite from the fall, and possibly from the whole year. I love the way that sweet boy’s amazing purple pants contrast with the colors of the fall, the couch, his parents’ clothing. Uh, and there’s a BULLDOG. Not to mention that this family looks like models. I even made them meet me at an ungodly hour, but they were gorgeous and smiley and I swear, this boy is the most well-behaved toddler I’ve ever met! (And, I had a toddler not that long ago…) From the minute they got out of the car, I was so excited to shoot this fabulous family – and I am so pleased with the result! (So much so, that I can’t exactly narrow it down to the five I normally post from a session. I don’t think it’s possible.)

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