You don't have to be tattooed, you just have to be awesome.
May 28, 2014

I fell in love with this little guy as soon as I walked through the door. I mean, if you can take a look at eyelashes like these and not fall madly in love, my hat is off to you, dear reader. Because those eyelashes are the stuff that dreams are made of! Plus, he was such a sweet little snuggler. Also, that hair. Pretty much, everything about this guy is perfection. Do I say that a lot? I feel like I do – but I also don’t say it if it’s not 100% true.

best of Philly newborn photographer



And, keeping with the trend of me having the most fabulous clients ever, this family did not disappoint! First of all, look at this fabulosity in this nursery, people. That alone is worth gold. Gorgeousness! But, also, look at the beautiful smiles on his parents. I love a doting dad so much. And a down to earth, beautiful, loving mama. So, we’re two for two with these parents!

baby photography

Plus, in what might have been my favorite thing ever, they sent me a ton of photos that they’d taken of me working with their baby during his session. It’s shameful for a photographer, but I have very few photos of myself working with babies or shooting a session, so I was so happy to have those!

baby photography Philadelphia


Even a little tattoo snuck in there, see that?

newborn photography Philadelphia

Mama kept me entertained for hours – we were just chatting away. I love it so much when I get to make a new friend out of a client. We talked families, cats, and about her catering business. Her logo is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life – it’s half of the tattoo I’d get if I wasn’t so sucky and chickeny.

philadelphia baby photographer

So, A and S – thank you so much for trusting this time to my camera and to me. It was such a pleasure to photograph your new boy and your family. Sorry about that pole that’s still at your house – I promise to come get it very soon!


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