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June 19, 2014

As I was taking this shot, this amazing purple feather on the headband was gently swaying in the warm wind from my heater and I kind of felt like I was shooting a supermodel. Because I’m silly like that! Although, this little lady was as beautiful to photograph as any model I’ve ever seen. Such a dainty, darling little lady. I seriously can’t get enough of this photo – I’ve gotta incorporate it into my studio sample pieces, I think.

This is the dangerous part about being a newborn photographer: buying all of the cute things! When I saw this little headband, I had to have it! (Then, it came, and I had weeks and weeks of only boys. Who I already had very cute props for, by the way, but I was itchy to use this.) Thank goodness I was able to. And, just WAIT until you see the cute boy thing I just bought. Ridiculous.

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Are you kidding me?! So, if you’ve read any of my blog entries here previously, you know I’ll walk a mile to catch a smile. Wait. I’ll, uh, hang out for a long time to catch a smile? Doesn’t exactly have the same ring, but boy I love to get a smile. But with an awake baby?! Um, yes please! Just look at her. I love this photo! Award winning smile-capture, if I do say so myself.
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And, I am pretty sure that there is nothing cuter than the combination of this baby’s perfect face and this teeny little crown. It made me want to do a little squeal, and, again, if you read this blog, like, ever, you know I am not a squee kind of a lady. (Lies. I so am, but I keep it all in.)

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This little girl and her family were really just a dream to work with.

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